ATTILA  J FARKAS                                                                                                                           RESEARCH ASSOCIATE – RUCCS LVR

Attila Farkas earned a Master’s Degree in Cognitive Neuropsychology (SZTE, Szeged, Hungary). He also studied Arts and Computer Graphics (SZTE JGYPK, Szeged, Hungary) and awarded the Erasmus Scholarship to spend one year in Aalborg Denmark where he successfully completed a Multimedia Production Workshop (AUU.DK, Aalborg, Denmark). He has a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology (USM, Hattiesburg, MS, USA) where he  also designed and maintained the Psychology Department's homepage for 2 years.  In addition he earned a Certificate in User Experience Design (RU, New Brunswick, NJ).

He is a Postdoctoral Associate at Rutgers University, Center for Cognitive Sciences (RUCCS) Laboratory of Vision Research (LVR) with affiliations at University Behavioral Health Care, Division of Schizophrenia Research (DSR) and a current intern at the Office of Research Commercialization at Rutgers University.

His computer animation  (Rotating by Scaling) was selected as one of the top ten finalists at the Best Visual Illusion of the Year by the Vision Sciences Society in 2013 . His invention titled as: Portable Application for Diagnosing and Assessing Therapetutic Efficacy of Schizophrenia has a provisional US patent.  

His research interests include visual perception and cognition, Human computer Interaction (HCI), User Experience Design (UXD), using  Virtual Reality (VR) in diagnosis rehabilitation, and cognitive neuroscience. He enjoys scuba diving, and he is 90 hours away from his private pilot license.